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As a business, what does Destination
Education offer me?
Here at Destination Education, we believe that ‘together we achieve more’. Working collaboratively with both businesses and grant making trusts to gain funding, volunteers and expertise, we can provide schools with quality programmes that will enhance their students career opportunities and improve their employability skills.
With many companies already doing some great activities in this area, we have proven that by working with us and pooling funding, economies of scale and driving down costs mean that we can deliver more programmes, to more students in more schools. We offer a joined up, professional approach as the link between school and work, working closely with our schools, students and professional bodies to understand what the key needs are so together we can truly make a difference.
The world of work is so very different to school and therefore, working with businesses in the community like yours and utilising your business experience, we can offer new opportunities for students and give them a greater understanding of what local businesses actually do. We can help you to showcase your business, promote the great opportunities that you offer and the diversity of roles available to our young students in their search for a career. Let’s open the eyes of your local students to the wealth and diversity of businesses on their doorstep!
What does being a Sponsor mean?
Being a sponsor of Destination Education means that all of the administration of the work with the schools is managed centrally, ensuring consistency and cost effectiveness.
As a company experienced with working with schools, we have a defined strategy for targeting schools to ensure the smooth running of the programmes.
We will help you to improve or increase your brand recognition with the wealth of PR opportunities that Destination Education offers, such as coverage on social media, web stories, news articles and press releases to name but a few. Fantastic volunteering opportunities makes Destination Education the ideal way for you to increase your employee engagement in the community and our results already show, subsequently improves your employees’ performance.
Corporate Social Responsibility is on everyone’s agenda these days, so let us help you to review your objectives and see how our work with schools will help you to fulfil them
How can my business become
a Sponsor?
Our tiered Sponsorship package means that Destination Education is open to any
business, from small start-up businesses to large corporate companies. Sponsorship
starts with an investment from £1k upwards, and as a not-for-profit organisation, your investment is ploughed into making a difference for the students.
What does that investment buy you? Aside from the benefits listed above, your investment includes a full face-to-face volunteer briefing and supporting materials, the opportunity to distribute your branded merchandise throughout the sessions, a full evaluation report for each programme highlighting the feedback from students, volunteers and the teaching staff, the headlines from which are ideal for you to use in your own publicity with both your employees and customers.
Investments are free from VAT and your accountant can claim Corporation Tax Relief on your investment.
Why should you become a Sponsor?
Schools tell us that they need greater support in order to provide quality careers information, advice and guidance and truly help their students realise their dreams. We could tell you lots of reasons, but we can’t put it any better than our teachers, volunteers and students!

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