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28th June 2017 – ‘My’ Career Programme – Avonbourne College
Year 12
“I have realised that I do not have to have my sights set on one career for the rest of my life. I have learnt it is my life and my choice, and it is important to pursue my dreams.”
19th June 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme – Ringwood School Year 9
“I will now be able to break barriers of cowardice and find life opportunities.”
“I am more confident about my goals for the future.”
“I have more of a clear understanding on how to proceed in life.”
16th June 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme – Harewood College Year 8
“I have gained more courage to go out there and do more stuff.”
“I can try harder and succeed.”
“I have learnt that I can do what I want and no-one can stand in my way apart from myself.”
4th April 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme – Lytchett Minster School Year 8
“I am clear what I want to do in the future and don’t let people say otherwise.”
“It will guide me in the right direction.”
“It will help me on my way with confidence.”
24th March 2017 – ‘My’ Learning Programme Harewood College Year 10
“I learnt ways to manage my time.”
“To understand my brain properly and what it needs to rejuvenate.”
“I think other young children or teenagers should come and do this program.”
15th March 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme Avonbourne College
Year 8
“It will help me to be more motivated and resilient on days I may feel completely unmotivated.”
“It inspired me to strive for my goals ☺ .”
8th March 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme QE Year 9
“A lot of useful info about what and where I am going in life.”
“It will help me appreciate life so much more and help with jobs.”
“I think it’s helped a lot.”
1st March 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme Poole High Year 7 and 8
“I know that I can do anything I set my mind to and work hard about.”
“I have learnt how to achieve my goals.”
“I have gained confidence in what I want to do in the future.”
28th February 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme Ferndown Upper School Year 9
“Have more motivation and push yourself.”
“You can believe in yourself.”
“I recommend it.”
16th February 2017 – ‘Ready for Work 1’ Programme Dorset County Council
“It has helped me learn what my skills are and what motivates me.”
“Learnt about what my values/motivations are.”
8th February 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College Year 9
“I had confidence but have much more now.”
“I have been motivated to believe in myself and to not look back, even in bad situations.”
“It has helped me to push harder and work towards what I’m going to achieve.”
1st February 2017 – ‘My’ Life Programme St Aldhelm’s Year 8
“I learnt to believe in yourself.”
“I have gained strength and hope.”
“Thank you so much for today, it has really built my confidence.”
6th December 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme The Bishop of Winchester Academy Year 9

“I have gained skills to make me and other people more happy and successful!”

“I have identified what is important in my life and why.”

“It has really motivated me!”

16th November 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Lytchett School Year 9

“Live life to the fullest, keep trying, don’t ever give up because there could be a brilliant thing around the corner. Thank you for a brilliant day!”

“Today has helped me understand myself more.”

18th and 19th July 2016 – CMI Level 2 Award in Team Leading Avonbourne College Year 12

“I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and the group activities we took part in.”

“I enjoyed learning and practising feedback skills which can be used outside of workplace as well.”

13th July 2016 – ‘My’ Team Programme Queen Elizabeth’s School Year 12

“I have gained negotiating and communication skills which will really help me in moving forward through university.”

“The activities were fun but also educational and the day was great”

“Very fun activities, really make you think.”

12th July 2016 – ‘My’ Team Programme St Aldhelm’s Academy Year 10

“I know how to overcome a variety of problems with the help of a team.”

“I’ve gained the knowledge of how to negotiate and communicate in a better manner.”

“I have gained knowledge on what kind of learner I am.”

5th July 2016 – ‘My’ Career Programme Avonbourne College Year 12

“I have learnt that it is okay to make mistakes and to never give up on my dreams.”

“I realise that I should go into something where I can use all of my specific skills.”

“Impossible is nothing.”

22nd June 2016 – ‘My’ Team Programme Poole High School Year 9

“I have learnt that you will get things done a lot quicker if you work as a team. It was fun!”

“My understanding on helping others has improved. It was fantastic!”

“I‘ve learnt how to use our skills to help each other.”

20th June 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme St Aldhelm’s Year 9

“I’ve learned to be yourself and believe.”

“I have gained motivation and resilience. I shouldn’t listen to bad comments but focus on myself.”

“The day was fun and I was always busy and entertained.”

16th June 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Queen Elizabeth’s School Year 9/10

“I’ve learnt to be able to love myself. It’s helped me realise that not all fails are the end.”

“I know what I am working toward and what kind of attitude to have.”

25th May 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Ferndown Upper School Year 9

“Thank you for a great day and this will help me a lot in the future. The staff here is amazing and I enjoyed today.”

“It will get me somewhere in life instead of thinking that I can’t do nothing.”

27th April 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Ringwood School Year 9

“Thank you for helping realise my potential.”

“I have learnt that I shouldn’t set my heart on one specific thing, I should set more goals.”

22nd April 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Harewood School Year 8

“Because things I learnt will help when I think I can’t do it I will turn it around and maybe succeed.

“I know what path to take.”

“It will help to get a good job and achieve what I want to.”

13th April 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Avonbourne College Yr 9

“I have gained that I should be rising up my confidence and I now know what I am going to try to be working as! Thank you for today. I loved all of it and will now think about everything you taught me.”

16th March 2016 – ‘My’ Team Programme Poole High School Yr 10

“I have learnt some important skills and know how to use them.

“Learnt how working together means everything.”

“I have gained confidence during my communication and improved my skills, building up my confidence when speaking to others.”

9th March 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Poole High School Year 9

“I know what I need to do to get my job that I want to do for the future.”

“Learnt that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“When I feel down or low, I now know how to build my happiness back up.”

29th February 2016 – ‘My’ Team Programme Lytchett Minster School Yr 12

“The ‘communication’ style phase because I can now use this new information and now know what method I can use efficiently in the future for exams etc.”

“Knowing where I stand and what I am best at when it comes to business life.”

8th February 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College, Croydon

“I have learned that I need to take the future more seriously.”

“I have gained that no matter who you are you can always achieve your goals. Every single bit was useful.”

10th February 2016 – ‘My’ Life Programme Corfe Hills School Yr 10

“This will help me in the future as it gives me a tool to choose a job I will enjoy.”

“It will help me get a job.” “I can use some of the realised skills in interviews.”

“I am more clear and confident about my goals for the future.”

3rd February 2016 – ‘My’ Team Programme Corfe Hills School Yr 10

“The different activities gave me an idea of being in a team for when I leave school for the workplace.”

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