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Young People
What are the programmes like?
We try not to do a lot of talking, although we do have to do some!
We prefer to spend as much time as possible with you thinking, taking part in activities, watching video clips, listening to music and having fun. It doesn’t sound like learning does it, but we can assure you that it is…just done a little differently!
Why should my school
become involved?
Okay, here’s 5 good reasons:
  1. Because over 94% of our students say they benefit from our programmes (and have fun!)
  2. Because where possible we try give the workshop for free or at a reduced rate that your school can afford.
  3. We try to include some interesting/different physical activities at the end of the day like climbing, football, water sports etc…so if you haven’t had enough fun learning, we’ll make sure you have a fantastic day.
  4. At a young age you have to make some big decisions about your future, so we believe in giving you the time and tools to help you make some of those big decisions.
  5. By working with businesses, we hope that we can help you to find out more about what options you have when you finish your GCSEs, and what different jobs are available at different companies.
It would be easy for us to tell you lots of great things about us, but instead let’s have a look at what the previous students have had to say!
So, we’ve told you about us, but we’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got some ideas, here’s how to tell us more: Click here to go to our contact page
As a young person, we’d like you to think our materials and the work we do with schools are funky, rad, awesome…and all those other ‘in’ words. So, to help you to find out more about us, here’s some info that might be useful.
What kind of programmes can my
school choose?
We offer ‘My’ Programmes (these are workshops that we can do in or out of school)
that you’ll see on a list below, and it tells you a little bit about what we do in each
of the workshops.
We can also write workshops and documents to help your school with all of the things that you youngsters need to know about what it’s like to go from school into a job.
Suitable for:
  • Years 7 - 13
'My' Life
A fun, lively and interactive workshop aimed at equipping young people with the skill, confidence and motivation to make more informed choices and take greater control of their lives. 'My' Life helps young people identify their goals and dreams for the future, and start thinking about the steps they need to take to make that dream a reality.
Suitable for:
  • Years 8 - 13
'My' Career
Helping students consider their options for subject choices in years 8 or 9 or post 16 options. Considering their skills, subject choices, job families and employability skills, students will leave with a summary of their top skills, subject choices that will utilise these skills a plan for helping them to achieve their future career.
Suitable for:
  • Years 10 - 13
'My' Learning
A programme focusing on study and revision skills, providing students with tips and techniques to support them during exams enable them to become independent learners. 'My' Learning provides students with a greater understanding of their motivational profile and how they can use this knowledge to plan their study and revision timetable to optimise their study time to gain maximum results.
Suitable for:
  • Years 11 - 13
'My' Interview
Providing students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for those all important interviews, whether that is for employment, or further education. 'My' Interview is an interactive programme where students will write their CV, take part in assessment centre activities and practise their interview skills.
Suitable for:
  • Years 11 - 13
'My' Team
A programme involving team based challenges, students experience the reality of working as a team to achieve a common goal. Tackling issues such as communication, problem solving, and negotiation, 'My' Team provides students with the opportunity to develop the skills that will help them to be an effective team member.
Suitable for:
  • Years 11 - 13
'My' Parenting Success
A programme designed to help parents support their child develop essential learning and study skills to enable them to be happy, confident and successful at school. ‘My’ Parenting Success provides parents with tips and techniques to support their child's study, revision, motivation and overall well being.
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